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On His Words

Artist’s Statement continued!


I make art in the effort to explore the interdependent qualities of our human condition, thus I seek to further my own human potential through these efforts. To accomplish this, I strive to see beyond the obvious by focusing on the subtle sensations that not only point to, but reveal the universal truths that substantiate the life-sustaining qualities of our human existence, which serve the essence of what it means to creatively embrace what I have come consider as the true purpose of the creative process. This means venturing beyond the superficial spirit of glitz, glamor, shock value and other commercially manipulative gimmicks that merely sell, distract or entertain; efforts that skirt the temptation to wheel our universal visual language solely for the sake of pursuing our subjective monetary driven ambitions.

So as an alternative to such superficialities, I strive to honor the approach to creativity that supports the perspective on art and aesthetics that attempts to serve those standards that reveal and thus represent; the subtle side of our nature. In the process, I strive to achieve those poetic ramifications that reveal such an objective perspective and elevate it as the true sensation in a hierarchy of human qualities and visual images.

These are the efforts that are a part of my ongoing exploration and celebration of our collective human potential. Here I strive to be a highly effective and insightful handler of those natural and organic media that we (as in humanity) have refined in the effort to not only discover, but also further explore those potentially poetic insights that reveal themselves through the intuitive use of our shared visual language.  However, as impractical as it may seem from a competitive point of view, what I have discovered is that: If we strive to reach this poetic potential through approaching the creative process in this manner, such approaches will afford us the opportunity to channel our unconscious awareness into our daily-awakened state. Thus the creative process is elevating our awareness so that we may come to know, and therefore evolve in lieu of this heightened awareness, as complete and well-balanced individuals. Thereby, creating at this level provides us the opportunity to foster the intuitively sensitive state of consciousness that requires the full gamut of our intelligence, not just our cognitive abilities. Hence we as fully developed (or rather complete individuals) can develop the means to perceive through the subtler and more sensitive side of our human intelligence and thus contemplate our actions (creative or otherwise) from a more objective point of view.

Thank you for taking an interest.


Robert L. Landry